The snus ban in Finland can be removed after 24 years

MPs from all Finnish parties want to lift the ban on snus in Finland. This reports, among others, the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle. - If that happens, the EU and other countries may rethink about the ban, says Patrik Strömer of the Swedish Snus Manufacturers' Association.

The Finnish tradition of snus use is as old as the use in Sweden, but when Finland joined the EU in 1995, the EU regulations banned the sale of snus in Finland. Historically, you would find Finnish snus users in the north of Finland. But in recent years the snus use has increased throughout the country and Finnish “snus tourists” are a common feature in Stockholm. In a report by YLE, they estimate that the black-market snus trade in Finland has a low turnover value of at least €52 million each year. [Read More]

The Swedish snus book by Bengt Sandh book review

From the front page: Everything you want to know about snus. History, traditions, old times snus manufacturers. Statistics, old cans, snus brands, snus songs, and rhymes, how to grow tobacco for making snus and how to make snus.

“Have you ever heard of a snus user set his bed on fire or someone being affected by secondary snus?” On the first page of the book, you get Bengts take on tobacco and snus regulations currently affecting EU countries. He is a proponent of free choice for the individual. Snus is not harmless but not as harmful as smoking is his attitude. The history of tobacco In the first chapter of the book you get a description on how Columbus discovered tobacco and brought it to Europe via Spain and Portugal. [Read More]

A fantastic new invention that takes the sting out of snus

Sting Free Snus is a brilliant solution to the stinging sensation on the gum. This is an invention that has resolved a major problem and make smokeless products more enjoyable for users who find the stinging sensation unpleasant

What is Sting Free Snus? Sting Free Snus is a fantastic new invention by the inventor Bengt Wiberg from the island of Lidingö outside Stockholm, Sweden. The invention is not in the snus but in the way it is packaged in a specially prepared pouch. Unlike regular snus pouches, the Sting Free Snus pouch has a thin membrane on one side of the pouch. “Give your gums a vacation” [Read More]

The Swedish Snus portion bags revolutionized the smokeless tobacco industry

Loose snus was considered soggy and unfresh. But the brilliant idea to put snus in a tea bag changed all that. With the invention of the portion bag, snus use will never be the same as it once was.

Snus has a long tradition in Sweden dating back to the early 18th-century. It is a grind moist steam-pasteurized tobacco whos predecessor was the dry snuff popular among the aristocrats in France. If you are interested in the transition from snuff to snus, you can read more about what snus is and the history of snus on this site. “Snus deserves a Nobel Prize in medicine” Lars Dahlgren, CEO Swedish Match, quoted in an article in Dagens Industri 2018-04-04 [Read More]

Production and product quality of Swedish snus

Swedish snus has been around for hundreds of years, but development and production today is incredibly different from what it looked like in the beginning.

Snus has been around for generations in Sweden. Ljunglöfs Ettan was introduced in 1822 and is still on the market today. But how is product development conducted today? In this post, I will try to answer that question with the help of snuspodden (the Snus podcast) by Swedish Match. The flavor is important in the development In the old days flavors were used to disguise the bad taste and rancid snus. [Read More]

The basic way to make Swedish snus at lower temperature and longer time

After many years of making snus at 90ºC (194ºF), I decided to go back to the original method I used when I started to use the slow cooker. From what I remember and what I have read on different forums, lower temperature and longer time make snus less bitter and richer in flavor.

Back to basic Tobacco, water and salt I decided to make this snus batch as I did when I first began to use a slow cooker to make snus. I start the batch with only water and salt and add the potassium carbonate after the heat treatment. The recipe I have used from the beginning differs a bit from the recipe in Medusa. I use a bit more of everything and I am so far satisfied with the result regarding moisture, pH, and salt. [Read More]