The Sting Free patent application for the USA and Europe approved

The award-winning Sting Free snus portions from Sting Free AB have got the patent application approved for the USA and Europe. The sting-free technology makes snus and nicotine products more available by eliminating the stinging sensation in your gums.

If you have visited my site before you know that I have mentioned Sting Free and Bengt Wiberg before. Apparently, Bengt appreciated what I wrote because I was one of the first to receive his latest press release about the patent approval for Sting Free technology. If you are interested in my previous post about this product you, can click the link and read the article on Sting Free snus. [Read More]

What to do when you get sore gum from too much Swedish snus

In this post, you get some excellent tips on what to do when you got a sore calloused gator lip from too much Swedish snus. Here you can read about the reason why your lip and gum can burn after using too much snus and what to do to mitigate and heal your gum.

When your lip and gum are sore from snus This is something that every snus user have experienced sometime. Your lip and gum feel sore and the snus sting and your lip may become calloused and wrinkly. But there are ways to mitigate and heal your lip and gum. Here you can read about some of the reasons and what you can do to prevent it in the future. Too hard and/or too dry snus Your snus is too hard and/or too dry or not enough kneading. [Read More]

The history of Swedish snus from Columbus to today

Columbus got the tobacco plant as a gift, in Sweden it was grown all over the country and when the EU wanted to ban the Swedish moist snus it became rebellion. Learn about the journey from a tobacco plant to your snus can.

Columbus in the West Indies 1492 On his first journey to find India, the Italian explorer Christopher Columbus under the auspice of the Catholic monarchs of Spain found the tobacco plant in Haiti and brought it back to Europe. The French ambassador in Lisbon The French ambassador in Lisbon Portugal, Jean Nicot, served from 1559 to 1561 under the king Henry II. When Nicot returned to France from Lisbon he brought tobacco plants. [Read More]

How to make Chaga tincture to flavor Swedish snus

Do you want to learn how to make Chaga mushroom tincture to flavor Swedish snus? With this tincture in your snus you get full-bodied snus with a taste you can't buy in a store. It may be the best snus you have ever tasted.

Chaga mushroom Inonotus obliquus or Chaga mushroom (Russian) is parasitic on birch and other trees. It is found mainly in the northern hemisphere. It is said to have medicinal properties and a taste resembling vanilla. Chaga tea To use in a tea, the mushroom is ground to a powder and is brewed the same way as tea. Unlike tea, the powder can be used many times before it is depleted. [Read More]

Swedish home-made snus review Prillan Norrland

If you don't know what type of tobacco to use to start making your snus at home, Prillan Norrland is an inexpensive alternative to start with. You get good everyday snus at a cheap price

If you want to learn how to make Swedish snus but you don’t know what tobacco to use. Prillan Norrland is an affordable starter package. You get good snus that you can use every day. For the price, you get decent snus. This is the ingredients I used in the snus Tobacco The tobacco I use is: Prillan Norrland tobacco flour You get 2 plastic boxes with a lid to use in the oven. [Read More]

Kronobergers hoard snus on Florida's coast during the hurricane Dorian

What is worst? Being hit by the hurricane Dorian or trapped inside without snus? This is a translation of an article published by Swedish Radio about a swede living in Florida during the hurricane Dorian.

I read an article published by the Swedish Radio on 3 September. It is relating to snus and the hurricane Dorian. The article is about a swede living in Florida and what he had to say about the current hurricane Dorian. He’s fear of the hurricane Dorian and the risk of sitting at home without snus. So he stockpiled on snus. You can read my translation of the article and the interview below. [Read More]