Swedish home-made snus review Prillan Norrland

If you don't know what type of tobacco to use to start making your snus at home, Prillan Norrland is an inexpensive alternative to start with. You get good everyday snus at a cheap price

If you want to learn how to make Swedish snus but you don’t know what tobacco to use. Prillan Norrland is an affordable starter package. You get good snus that you can use every day. For the price, you get decent snus. This is the ingredients I used in the snus Tobacco The tobacco I use is: Prillan Norrland tobacco flour You get 2 plastic boxes with a lid to use in the oven. [Read More]

The Swedish snus book by Bengt Sandh book review

From the front page: Everything you want to know about snus. History, traditions, old times snus manufacturers. Statistics, old cans, snus brands, snus songs, and rhymes, how to grow tobacco for making snus and how to make snus.

“Have you ever heard of a snus user set his bed on fire or someone being affected by secondary snus?” On the first page of the book, you get Bengts take on tobacco and snus regulations currently affecting EU countries. He is a proponent of free choice for the individual. Snus is not harmless but not as harmful as smoking is his attitude. The history of tobacco In the first chapter of the book you get a description on how Columbus discovered tobacco and brought it to Europe via Spain and Portugal. [Read More]