Kronobergers hoard snus on Florida's coast during the hurricane Dorian

What is worst? Being hit by the hurricane Dorian or trapped inside without snus? This is a translation of an article published by Swedish Radio about a swede living in Florida during the hurricane Dorian.

I read an article published by the Swedish Radio on 3 September. It is relating to snus and the hurricane Dorian. The article is about a swede living in Florida and what he had to say about the current hurricane Dorian. He’s fear of the hurricane Dorian and the risk of sitting at home without snus. So he stockpiled on snus. You can read my translation of the article and the interview below. [Read More]

The snus ban in Finland can be removed after 24 years

MPs from all Finnish parties want to lift the ban on snus in Finland. This reports, among others, the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle. - If that happens, the EU and other countries may rethink about the ban, says Patrik Strömer of the Swedish Snus Manufacturers' Association.

The Finnish tradition of snus use is as old as the use in Sweden, but when Finland joined the EU in 1995, the EU regulations banned the sale of snus in Finland. Historically, you would find Finnish snus users in the north of Finland. But in recent years the snus use has increased throughout the country and Finnish “snus tourists” are a common feature in Stockholm. In a report by YLE, they estimate that the black-market snus trade in Finland has a low turnover value of at least €52 million each year. [Read More]

A fantastic new invention that takes the sting out of snus

Sting Free Snus is a brilliant solution to the stinging sensation on the gum. This is an invention that has resolved a major problem and make smokeless products more enjoyable for users who find the stinging sensation unpleasant

What is Sting Free Snus? Sting Free Snus is a fantastic new invention by the inventor Bengt Wiberg from the island of Lidingö outside Stockholm, Sweden. The invention is not in the snus but in the way it is packaged in a specially prepared pouch. Unlike regular snus pouches, the Sting Free Snus pouch has a thin membrane on one side of the pouch. “Give your gums a vacation” [Read More]

Snus can be smoked and may be the end for home-made Swedish snus

Do-it-yourself snus can also be smoked - and should be taxed as smoking tobacco, according to the Supreme Administrative Court in Stockholm, Sweden. The verdict could be the death blow to home-made snus, according to the losing snus company lawyer.

The end for home-made Swedish snus? The tax issue is settled after the snus company Prillan Concept was demanded an extra SEK 94 million in tax from the Customs Administration. Tests on the tobacco that the company uses in do-it-yourself snus showed that it can also be smoked. A big disappointment Of course, that is a big disappointment, says attorney Ulf Käll, who represents the tobacco company. According to the lawyer, the type of tobacco is treated differently in different EU countries, which means that the legal situation is unclear and that the case should, therefore, have been forwarded to the European Court of Justice. [Read More]