Best rated hiking boots

If you only are going to buy one pair of hiking boots in the next twenty years, you better know what you are buying. Here's my experience of having the same hiking boots for twenty years.

If you only going to buy one pair of outdoor footwear in the next 20 years, this is, in my opinion, the best hiking boots in the world. In almost every backpacking boots evaluation you read, there’s one brand that gets high ranking in listings of the best-rated hiking boots. A combination of rubber and leather I don’t claim to have tried every brand out there, but if you are lucky to find a perfect pair you don’t have to. [Read More]

Granite Gear Vapor Trail Review

The Granite Gear Vapor Trail is a minimalistic top loader backpack. It got the Backpacker Editors Choice in 2003. It's a simple, comfortable, versatile and light pack. It is a pack that has served me well for many years.

Granite Gear Vapor Trail - Ultralight Backpacking This is the pack that got the Backpacker Editors Choice Award in 2003 for this simplicity and its comfort and versatility. This is my Granite Gear Vapor review. A minimalistic top loader This pack is a minimalistic top loader with 2 side pockets, no compartments inside except for the hydration internal sleeve and port. The compression system makes it super versatile in controlling the load volume over a wide range. [Read More]