How to make Chaga tincture to flavor Swedish snus

Do you want to learn how to make Chaga mushroom tincture to flavor Swedish snus? With this tincture in your snus you get full-bodied snus with a taste you can't buy in a store. It may be the best snus you have ever tasted.

Chaga mushroom Inonotus obliquus or Chaga mushroom (Russian) is parasitic on birch and other trees. It is found mainly in the northern hemisphere. It is said to have medicinal properties and a taste resembling vanilla. Chaga tea To use in a tea, the mushroom is ground to a powder and is brewed the same way as tea. Unlike tea, the powder can be used many times before it is depleted. [Read More]

Swedish home-made snus review Prillan Norrland

If you don't know what type of tobacco to use to start making your snus at home, Prillan Norrland is an inexpensive alternative to start with. You get good everyday snus at a cheap price

If you want to learn how to make Swedish snus but you don’t know what tobacco to use. Prillan Norrland is an affordable starter package. You get good snus that you can use every day. For the price, you get decent snus. This is the ingredients I used in the snus Tobacco The tobacco I use is: Prillan Norrland tobacco flour You get 2 plastic boxes with a lid to use in the oven. [Read More]

The basic way to make Swedish snus at lower temperature and longer time

After many years of making snus at 90ºC (194ºF), I decided to go back to the original method I used when I started to use the slow cooker. From what I remember and what I have read on different forums, lower temperature and longer time make snus less bitter and richer in flavor.

Back to basic Tobacco, water and salt I decided to make this snus batch as I did when I first began to use a slow cooker to make snus. I start the batch with only water and salt and add the potassium carbonate after the heat treatment. The recipe I have used from the beginning differs a bit from the recipe in Medusa. I use a bit more of everything and I am so far satisfied with the result regarding moisture, pH, and salt. [Read More]

From seed to Swedish snus Planting the seed

The tobacco growing season 2020 is here, starting with planting the seed. Here you can read about the start of the 2020 season, what seeds I plant and the decision behind choosing those plants. It all starts with a tiny seed.

Why grow your tobacco Most tobacco today is grown by large corporations or bought by large corporations. But homegrown tobacco have been around for centuries. If you grow your tobacco yourself you know what ends up in your snus, cigar, or cigarette. And if you don’t sell your tobacco, you don’t have to deal with a sudden tax increase by the government. Something I wrote about in the post about Prillan snus tobacco. [Read More]

From seed to Swedish snus repotting the seedlings

Here you can read how the 2020 season is progressing. Now it is time to repot the plants into separate containers. The plant has grown so big that they begin to entangle, and it's now better to separate them into their own container. If you don't do that it's a mess to try to separate them when it's time to move them outside.

Growing the seedlings With the seed trays with water containers, I did not have to do anything until it was time to replant them. I lifted the seed tray out of the water container as the soil was almost too moist. I did not have to water them again for the whole period, but the seedlings were very tiny and did not need much water to grow. But I know that is something that will change as they grow bigger and taller. [Read More]

From seed to Swedish snus moving the plants outside

Here you can read how the 2020 season is progressing. Now it is time to move the plants outside when the frost nights seem to be over. The plant has grown so big that they begin to entangle and it's becoming difficult to water them. It's so easy to miss one when you don't see the pot for all leaves covering them.

Prepare the garden for moving the plants outside The first step before moving the plants outside is to prepare the location where you are going to put them. As I have not used my greenhouse since 2016 I had a lot of weeds to remove from the growing beds. It was a lot of weeds and a lot of roots in the soil and small willows as well. Besides the weeds, my neighbor’s hens have used the beds as a food trough disturbing the soil regularly. [Read More]