A fantastic new invention that takes the sting out of snus

Sting Free Snus is a brilliant solution to the stinging sensation on the gum. This is an invention that has resolved a major problem and make smokeless products more enjoyable for users who find the stinging sensation unpleasant

A fantastic new invention that takes the sting out of snus

Sting Free Snus is a brilliant solution to the stinging sensation on the gum. This is an invention that has resolved a major problem and make smokeless products more enjoyable for users who find the stinging sensation unpleasant

What is Sting Free Snus?

Sting Free Snus is a fantastic new invention by the inventor Bengt Wiberg from the island of Lidingö outside Stockholm, Sweden. The invention is not in the snus but in the way it is packaged in a specially prepared pouch. Unlike regular snus pouches, the Sting Free Snus pouch has a thin membrane on one side of the pouch.

“Give your gums a vacation”
Bengt Wiberg

The prepared side is the side you put against your gum and it is this membrane that protects your gum from the stinging sensation. I know many dip-users refer to this sensation as having a “gator-lip”. You can get a sore and calloused gum and lip from the use. There are several ways to mitigate a sore gum but to prevent it from occurring Sting Free Snus is the solution.

Snus without the disadvantage

Sting Free Snus takes one disadvantage of using snus away without affecting the overall experience. You still experience the taste, aroma and the nicotine kick the same ways as with regular pouches but without the stinging sensation on the gum.

According to Bengt, this is a common complaint smokers have against snus. And you probably already know the harmful effects smoking has on your health.

How did you come up with this idea?

After a visit to his dentist, Bengt got the advice to stop using snus or he continues worsen the problems with his gum and oral mucosa. He experienced tough burning sensations, as well as irritated and receding gum and a big snus lesion in his oral mucosa.

To make it even worse his dentist told him that gum that has been destroyed doesn’t grow back. For a devoted snus user, this is not an option. But Bengt is an inventor, so he began a journey to find a solution to the problem.

And the solution he came up with is what he calls Sting Free Snus. It not only takes the sting out of snus and other tobacco products, but it also protects your gum from the sting caused by exiting snus and All-White tobacco-free products as well.

Global awards and patent certificates

  • In 2017 Sting Free Snus won the Golden Leaf Award in New York City at the Global Tobacco and Nicotine Forum #GTNF and awarded the “Most exciting newcomer to the industry”. It was the first time in history a snus innovation won the prestigious award.
  • Venture Cup Dec 2016 Awarded Best Business Idea in Sweden.
  • The Awarded inventor of the month by the Swedish Inventors Museum.
  • Patent certificate Sting Free Snus.

Here you can see Bengt receive the Golden Leaf Award in 2017

What do first-time users say about Sting Free Snus?

Bengt has performed several tests among adult nicotine users at the Global Forum on Nicotine in 2019. In the tests, both regular snus and tobacco-free products were used.

The participants could try and compare a regular pouch and a Sting Free Snus pouch, with identical content. The empirical knowledge from this test was that 9 out of 10 preferred the Sting Free Snus variants. They also commented that the burning sensation of the non-sting-free snus brands were “unpleasant”, “it hurts” or similar expressions.

Here you can see a video from the latest Sting Free Snus test.

1000 men and women in 30 countries

Bengt has to date tested his product on more than 1000 men and women from about 30 countries, where most of them had never before tried snus. The majority of them preferred the Sting Free variant. Most of them spat out the one that stung within a minute but kept the Sting Free one.

Is there a market for Sting Free Snus?

The European Union

It is estimated that there are 100 million cigarette smokers in the EU. Because of EU regulation, most smokers are deprived of the possibility to use snus.

An exception is Sweden who has a permanent exemption from the rules. This exemption was written in the accession treaty when Sweden joined the EU and cannot be changed unless all EU countries, including Sweden, vote for this. This is not likely to happen as Sweden has a very long tradition of snus use.

As a result of the exemption smoking, as well as tobacco mortality, in Sweden is by far the lowest among the EU-countries according to Eurostat. If the ban against snus is lifted in the EU, many countries could experience the same health benefits among the population as it has in Sweden. Daily smoking among Swedish men is now down to only 5%.

An initiative by the citizen to legalize snus in Finland has been established. 27 000 Finns have signed the initiative since 2018.


It is estimated that there are 350 million smokers in China. But in China, there is no prohibition on snus, and the authorities have approved the sale of snus in China. China Tobacco, the world’s biggest cigarette manufacturer, has released the fist two snus brands on the Chinese market. News that Snubie.com was the first one to report on.

You don’t need a large fraction of these smokers converting to Sting Free Snus to have a lucrative market.

New Zealand

The government in New Zealand is currently reviewing its new tobacco directive for its goal of a smoke-free New Zealand in 2025. Snus is a strong candidate that can help New Zealand achieve that goal along with vaping.

The United States of America

The United States has a long tradition of using snus and other smokeless products. Something they learned from the many Swedish immigrants that arrived in the 1800s. Snus is not considered a harmless tobacco product by the FDA, but the opinions are beginning to change in favor of snus as a better alternative to smoking.

“Give me Swedes, snus and whiskey, and I’ll build a railroad through hell”
Attributed to James J. Hill

Here you can see Bengt ask the FDA Tobacco Director Mitch Zeller a question about FDA’s views on The Swedish Experience of snus at GTNF September 2017.


Switzerland approved Swedish snus early 2019.


Snus has been allowed in Norway for a long time and smoking rates have gone down dramatically. Among young Norwegian women, age 16-24, the smoking rates have gone down from 30% in 2000 down to 1% in 2017, much thanks to snus use as an alternative.

Other countries that approve snus

Snus is allowed in Japan, South Korea, Israel, Canada, India, the African continent and other countries. Full report per country can be read here: https://gsthr.org/

Sting Free Snus in the media

An approximation from Bengt is that some 2.5 million people have seen articles about Sting Free Snus either in a newspaper article, in a magazine, or on the web. One of the articles has been viewed by 600 000 unique viewers.

Here is some of the media reporting on Sting Free Snus:

  • Tobacco Reporter (USA), the world’s largest tobacco magazine. The magazine is distributed in 140 countries around the world. The magazine had a big feature article in July 2017. The article had a focus on tobacco harm reduction and the potentially enormous market for a product like Sting Free Snus. Winners announced Patching the pouch
  • Tobacco Journal International, the world’s second-largest tobacco magazine with subscribers in 100 countries. A big feature article on 25 Apr 2018 about Sting Free Snus, Taking the sting out of snus, as well as the campaign #EUforsnus.
  • Metro UK with 1.5 million daily readers, March 2018.
  • Tobak & Mer, (Tobacco & More) the largest tobacco magazine in Scandinavia has published several articles on Sting Free Snus.
  • Dagens Hälsa, (Health Today) one of the biggest health sites in Scandinavia writes about the potential harm reduction benefits if smokers switched to snus with the help of the Sting Free Snus technology. The article Translated to English
  • Aftonbladet, a daily Swedish newspaper. The article is the most viewed news article in Sweden.
  • Östgöta Correspondenten, a daily Swedish newspaper. The article Translated to English
  • Norrköpings Tidningar, a Swedish daily newspaper with distribution in northern and eastern Östergötland.
  • 24 Uppsala, a free Swedish local newspaper & news station.
  • Café, a Swedish online magazine. The article Translated to English
  • Uppfinnaren & Konstruktören (The Inventor & Constructor), a Swedish inventor association.
  • Lidingö Tidning, a local Swedish newspaper, Lidingö, Stockholm.
  • Mitt I, a local Swedish newspaper, Stockholm. The article Translated to English
  • Lidingösidan, a local Swedish newspaper, Lidingö, Stockholm.
  • Mera Linköping, a free local Swedish newspaper.
  • Veckans Affärer, a Swedish business magazine.
  • Bengt has been interviewed in the Swedish version of Shark Tank, or Dragons Den, Företagsänglarna (The Business Angels) where he came 2nd place in the challenge. See it on YouTube
  • Bengt has been interviewed on several podcasts and YouTube channels. One of the more famous in the USA is snubie.com.
  • In 2017 Bengt was invited as a speaker on Snus Con in St Louis USA.
  • In 2018 Bengt was a speaker at the Global Forum on Nicotine (#GFN) in Warsaw supporting Swedish snus.
  • In 2019 Bengt was again a speaker at the Global Forum on Nicotine (#GFN) in Warsaw supporting Swedish snus.

![Sting Free Snus](/sting-free-logo.jpg)

So where can I buy Sting Free Snus?

You would think that a product with a potentially enormous world market like this one would be available yesterday already? But no, no manufacturer has a product ready for the market. The giant Swedish Match has signed a non-exclusive licensing agreement with Bengt’s company, B-O Wiberg Solutions AB for the patent.

The non-exclusive part of the license gives Bengt full control of how to proceed with Sting Free Snus in the future.

Other major snus manufacturers

Bengt has been in discussion with some snus manufacturers and has received very positive responses from the executive teams that he has been in contact with. But no new licensing agreement has been signed yet. He is currently developing strategic partnerships with some of these companies to make Sting Free snus available in several markets.

“We’ve successfully adapted our manufacturing tests applying the non-woven snus paper with a secret biofilm, Sting Free membrane, with high volume snus production”, says Bengt. The Sting Free technology doesn’t only involve the snus industry but also any oral delivery system like nicotine pouches, moist snuff, chew bags, CBD, medicine, etc.

“The snus market is right now taking a great leap forward, thanks to All-White products that can be sold in EU and most other countries. I’m sure there soon will be a great place for Sting Free varieties, especially since 9 out of 10 first time users don’t like the burning sensation of existing products”, Bengt says.

“A lot of existing snus users also look forward to giving their gums a ‘vacation’ ”, he says with a twinkle in his eyes.

On the Snubie interview, Bengt speaks about the cost for machinery being a factor why Sting Free snus has not yet reached the market. According to Bengt, to buy the cheapest high volume snus pouch packaging machine on the market you have to spend about $1.2 million. So that is likely one factor why the release is delayed.

Followers of Sting Free Snus on social media

Over the years Bengt as gathered a large number of followers around the world on social media. On LinkedIn alone, he has about 200 dentists and dental hygienists as followers and some of them can’t understand why it’s so hard to get this product out on the market.


  • In January of 2018, Bengt started the campaign #EUforsnus together with his friend and co-founder Uwe Hille of Germany and snusfreak.com to lift the ban of snus in the EU.

  • Bengt and Uwe participated as guests in the European Court of Justice Trial hearing on snus in January 2018, supporting the New Nicotine Alliance (NNA) and an end to the EU snus ban.

  • #EUforsnus has several thousand followers, both men, and women, in social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) representing 100 nations. Links to #EUforsnus

  • In December 2018 the campaign visited the Swedish parliament for a discussion on snus and vaping.

  • The international consumer crowd movement #EUforsnus is also a member of the international organizations https://innco.org/ and https://ethra.co with members from all over the world in favor of tobacco harm reduction.

![#EUForSnus Stefan Willers](/stefan-willers-snus.jpg)

The driving force

Bengt finds his driving force and inspiration in being a part of the global harm reduction movement. The potential is the 1.2 billion daily smokers in the world, 100 million of them in EU-countries.

Many smokers could be saved from premature death if more governments embraced the harm reduction approach when it comes to nicotine products. This is the same way as harm reduction is the rule in all other aspects of society, like safer cars, needle exchange for drug addicts, etc.

Distinguished researchers are behind Bengt

Bengt is personally acquainted with several distinguished researchers in the field of science as well as dentistry around the world. One of them working in Karolinska Institute and has a Ph.D. in oral health and snus.

The Karolinska Institute has the responsibility to appoint the winner of the Nobel Prize in Medicine each year. Alfred Nobel

Alfred Nobel

So how is the situation today?

Bengt is in the process of developing the manufacturing process of the pouches with the help of a handful of companies. They all can see the potential for the product and have so far helped him out without a charge.

He also has some snus projects with the master blender Conny Andersson. He is the blender behind some of the most appreciated limited editions of General Kardus and other brands of snus in several countries.

The patent and development is expensive

The patent and product development are very expensive and so far Bengt has spent several SEK 100 000 of his savings on the development of Sting Free Snus. He is so far self-funded and without sponsors.

But I’m pleased to say that many raw material manufacturers, machine manufacturers, researchers, and scientists, and thousands of potential consumers and followers on social media give Bengt their support. They all understand what he is trying to achieve and the goal he has for the product.

“I’m especially proud of having Professor Curt Enzell as one of my mentors. He invented what would become the modern snus pouch in the mid-1960s and strongly supports my innovation”, says Bengt.

Consumers are already asking for Sting Free Snus

Bengt hears almost daily about snus customers who ask for Sting-Free Snus in their local stores both in Sweden and Norway. This for a product that has never been on the market or been industrially produced, which must be unique in business history.

Bengt’s disclaimer

In a conversation with Bengt, he disclaimed that every Saturday night he treats himself with a large pinch of Grov loose snus and maybe an e-cigarette. The taste experience from loose snus is superior he admits. But to stay away from the dentist chair he sticks to Sting Free Snus during the weeks. And as a former smoker, he knows the harm of smoking and will avoid it at all costs.

If you didn’t know, real men use loose snus ;-). So Bengt is a real man too, but most of all a brilliant inventor with a mission and a unique product with an enormous potential market. It’s about time the scale fall from the eyes of the tobacco manufacturers. Don’t you agree?

More Sting Free Snus on the web

Here you find some more resources on Sting Free Snus on the web. https://stingfreesnus.com/
Sting Free Snus on YouTube

Contact details:

Bengt Wiberg CEO & founder
Sting Free AB
Fregattv. 8
181 37 Lidingö Sweden

Images & Video

Alfred Nobel - Wikimedia
All other videos and images with permission from Bengt Wiberg.

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