Harvest tobacco in a greenhouse

The growing season 2015

Start of season Do you have a greenhouse? Why not try to harvest tobacco in a greenhouse? But I probably started the season 2015 to late and waited a bit to long before moving the plants to the greenhouse. This because my ignorance and that I was waiting for the greenhouse to arrive. Having the plants on my window sill in to small pots was a restriction to the root growth. [Read More]

Growing tobacco in a greenhouse in Scandinavia

Growing tobacco in Scandinavia

In the process of gathering information on growing tobacco I realized that it would be difficult to do without a greenhouse. Another grower, in the south of Scandinavia, got a much better growth for the plants in the greenhouse than for those who was plated outside in the field. As I’m living in the middle of Scandinavia (as far north as middle of Canada) I think a greenhouse is a must. [Read More]

Replanting the tobacco plants - Growing tobacco

Crowded seed tray

After a rather slow start the growth is picking up speed and its time to replanting the tobacco plants. After five weeks (middle of April) it’s getting crowded in the seed tray. To allow for more room for each plant it’s now time to separate them into their own pot. For this you need Compost soil Plastic seed pots Tomato nutrient Replanting the tobacco plants Two weeks into the process I could see some tiny leaves begin to develop. [Read More]

Growing tobacco planting the tobacco seed

Tired of giving your money to tax?

Growing tobacco is similar to growing tomatoes. It is not illegal to grow your own tobacco as long as you don’t intend to sell it. It will save you a lot of money if you have a craving for the n-vitamin. If you are tired of giving your money to tax and big business you now have an alternative. If you learn how to grow your own tobacco you have full control of any additive you put into the tobacco. [Read More]