From Word-Press to Hugo

From Big and slow to Small and Fast

I’m Moving from Word-Press to Hugo The main reason I moved is that I don’t like Word-Press as an editor. I first write my posts in Emacs and then copy it to Word-Press for the final edit. There I set fonts and tags and so on. But with Hugo, I can do all that from within Emacs offline. Writing in Word-Press is for me a slow and cumbersome process. [Read More]

How to make a GnuCash custom report using MySQL

How to get the report you want

The downside of GnuCash If GnuCash got one downside it is the report generation. But you can do your own custom reports using SQL and MySQL. The GnuCash account screen GnuCash and the list of members I am using GnuCash to book-keep financial transactions for a sports association. It’s a non-profit organization for weight training much like a gym. The members can use the equipment and facilities while they got a valid membership subscription. [Read More]