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From Word-Press to Hugo

From Big and slow to Small and Fast

I’m Moving from Word-Press to Hugo The main reason I moved is that I don’t like Word-Press as an editor. I first write my posts in Emacs and then copy it to Word-Press for the final edit. There I set fonts and tags and so on. But with Hugo, I can do all that from within Emacs offline. Writing in Word-Press is for me a slow and cumbersome process. [Read More]

Harvest tobacco in a greenhouse

The growing season 2015

Start of season Do you have a greenhouse? Why not try to harvest tobacco in a greenhouse? But I probably started the season 2015 to late and waited a bit to long before moving the plants to the greenhouse. This because my ignorance and that I was waiting for the greenhouse to arrive. Having the plants on my window sill in to small pots was a restriction to the root growth. [Read More]

General Kardus 2016 from Swedish Match launched

General Kardus Fäviken 2016

General Kardus Fäviken 2016 is the result of the cooperation between Swedish Match and the award-winning star chef Magnus Nilsson from Fäviken Magasinet. General celebrates it’s 150th anniversary 2016 is the year when Scandinavia’s largest snus brand, General, celebrates it’s 150th anniversary. 150 years later General Kardus Fäviken 2016 is the food creator Magnus Nilsson’s interpretation of General snus, originally created by the perfectionist Johan A Boman in 1866. [Read More]

Swedish Match got Green light for snus in USA

Promote Swedish snus in USA

Now it’s free for Swedish Match to promote Swedish snus in USA as a healthier tobacco product than cigarettes. The company now can sell eight types of portion snus in the country. Swedish Match has received a green light from the American Regulatory Authority, FDA, Food and Drug Administration, to sell eight different types of portion packaged snus in the United States. This is something Swedish Match has tried to convince FDA for a long time, that snus is a less hazardous tobacco product than cigarettes. [Read More]

Growing tobacco in a greenhouse in Scandinavia

Growing tobacco in Scandinavia

In the process of gathering information on growing tobacco I realized that it would be difficult to do without a greenhouse. Another grower, in the south of Scandinavia, got a much better growth for the plants in the greenhouse than for those who was plated outside in the field. As I’m living in the middle of Scandinavia (as far north as middle of Canada) I think a greenhouse is a must. [Read More]

Swedish snus pasteurization in the Crockpot"

High temperature snus pasteurization

The main difference between American dip and Swedish snus is the pasteurization process and that no smoke-dried tobacco is used in Swedish snus. That is one reason why you find less tobacco specific nitrosamines (TSNA) in Swedish snus. Nitrosamines: Nitrite, nicotine and other amines and alkaloids. Swedish Snus pasteurization in the Crockpot As I described in the article on how to make your own Swedish snus at home I recommend temperatures from 60° C to 90° C (140º F to 194º F). [Read More]