Swedish Match on snus resistance in Norway

A new Norwegian snus resistance proposition can benefit the border trade in Sweden according to Swedish Match. The fact that Norway already has the highest snus tax in the world is not enough to restrict the snus sale.

Swedish Match Ljunglöfs Ettan

Swedish Match Ljunglöfs Ettan


The Norwegian government has proposed to make all snus cans look the same. A dark green and dull design to take the “cool” out of snus cans.

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Camel snus

Camel snus is a spit-less and smokeless snus tobacco product. The American snus variant is sweeter and less salty than the original Swedish snus.

American snus and dip

American snus has been available since the since the 1990s. It is lower in moist content and also have lower PH than the real Swedish variant but not as dry as snuff.

The lower PH leading to less bio-availability of the nicotine. The Camel snus has also an artificial sweetener added. This is something you won’t find in Swedish snus.

With dipping tobacco you have to spit all the time, hence the name spit tobacco. It is not as finely ground as snus tobacco. Traditional flavors are wintergreen and mint but other flavors are available.

Unlike snus, dipping tobacco is placed under the lower lip but snus you put under your upper lip.

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Swedish Snus

Learn the traditional way of making Swedish snus. It is easy and you can do it at home in you own kitchen with ordinary kitchen appliances. Follow these easy steps and you get a batch that will last for months as well as save you a lot of money.

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What is snus?

So, what is snus you may wonder? To answer that we have to go back to the time of the great explorers hundreds of years ago and the discovery of the tobacco plant.

Swedish snus – Ljunglöfs Ettan established in 1822



The Explorers
The first European that came in contact with tobacco was Christopher Columbus when he 1492 reached the West Indies and the island of Haiti. The natives where greeting him with dried tobacco leaves as he got ashore. They where believed to be very precious by the natives. Continue reading