How to make your own DIY Sting Free snus portions at home

If cost is a concern, you will find that this post is something you want to read. If you make your snus portions from home-made snus, you can save a lot of money.

How to make your own DIY Sting Free snus portions at home

If cost is a concern, you will find that this post is something you want to read. If you make your snus portions from home-made snus, you can save a lot of money.

As I mentioned in the snus portion bags post if you buy snus portions, you pay up to ten times as much as if you make your own portions with home-made snus. You can also save money, but not as much, by using regular loose snus to make portions if you like.

In this post, I will review three products on the market you can use to make snus portions at home from loose snus. You will also learn how to make a primitive DIY-version of the highly anticipated Sting Free Snus portions at home.

Filt Snus Paper - Roll-Your-Own Snus

Filt Snus Paper is made from 100% fiber paper and comes in a 3 meter roll. You decide on what size and what shape you want your snus portion to be. You can fold it like an envelope, you can twist it like a candy, or any other form you desire.

  • Choose your length
  • Twist and rip
  • Add your snus
  • Your size - Your Shape

The mother of all inventions

The need is the mother of all inventions. The prohibition on Swedish snus in Iceland is what led to the invention of Filt snus paper. Valur Hermannsson and Joel Dadi Olafsson are the inventors behind Filt Snus paper.

Before Filt they used toilet paper and similar paper to make makeshift snus pouches. But since 2014 all Icelandic snus users can use Filt Snus paper to use snus the Swedish way. They can now make their pouches using the legal Icelandic mouth-tobacco Neftóbak. Since 2017 they have successfully reach out to other countries with their products.

Snus-portions of unlimited length with Filt

Unlike Prillan and Xtool, you can make portions of unlimited length with Filt Snus Paper and some tape. I used the same tape as I used for the Sting Free portions. I did not manage to weld two Filt sheets together, but with a bit of tape, you can make a tube. You can make one going from cheek to cheek if you prefer a long and wide one.

In my opinion, snus portions have always been too small. I always take at least two when I’m using snus portions, which, on the other hand, is rarely. But if I were to use portions, I can make them in the size I want with Filt Snus Paper. I think Glenn Strömberg would have liked one going from cheek to cheek.

Prillan portion-bags

Prillan portion-bags is aimed at customers who manufacture their snus at home. To fill the bag you also need a snus-injector (like ice-tool), preferably the custom one from Prillan. If the diameter of the injector is too big you won’t be able to insert it into the bag. You can also buy a cheap injector with a built-in scale from your local pharmacy, just cut off the edge with a knife.

Two portions per piece of paper

Prillan portion-bags come in a bag of 200 pieces of paper. Each piece is sufficient for making 2 normal sized portions. You cut each piece in half with a pair of scissors.

Compress and fill the bag

Fill the injector with the amount of snus you want and make sure that it is compressed. If you put the injector against a flat surface or your finger while you push it, you should see the moist just beginning to come out when it’s compressed enough. Insert the injector into the bag and push the snus into the bag. Then you can just fold the edges over or heat seal them shut with a flat ceramic curling iron or another heat source.

Xtool portion-bags

Xtool portion-bags by V2 tobacco comes on a roll where you cut the portion at the pre-welded length. On the roll is 120 normal sized portions. Cut the tube so one side has the weld and the other side is open for the injector.

Use the Xtool mini snus-injector

It is recommended that you use the Xtool snus-injector mini when filling the Xtool portions. You fill the portions the same way as I described for the Prillan portion bag. When the portions are filled you just fold the edges or heat seal the edges shut with a flat ceramic curling iron or another heat source.

I found this injector easier to use as the injector-tube is oval and therefore easier to insert in the portion. It did not feel as cheap as Prillans injector, and the piston is removable for easier cleaning. But unlike Prillans injector, this one did not have graduation so you have to estimate the amount. I found that the width of my thumb was about right for me. The price for the two injectors was the same.

The heat source

If you use a curling iron, or rather a straightening iron, I recommend that you use one with flat ceramic plates. With flat plates, you get a better grip on the snus bag when welding it shut. You will find a good one at or Amazon, see links below.

The snus used in portions

When you make snus to use in portions, it is advised that you make the snus a bit dryer than normal loose snus if you want white portions. If you want regular portions, you can use regular moist snus or sprinkle a little water on the portions to moist them.

Skip the kneading step

You can also skip the kneading step as the bag is what’s holding the snus in place. If you don’t knead the snus, the flavors are released more readily from the more crumbly snus.

Sting Free snus portions DIY

Bengt Wiberg’s many surveys have documented that the market for Sting Free Snus is massive. This is a product highly anticipated among snus users all over the world. But the development process has been cumbersome and slow but is now near an industrial solution.

If you don’t like the sting or have a gum-problem

So if you have a problem with your gums and can’t wait for them, here is how you can make Sting Free Snus portions at home. This with material that you readily can find at any chemist shop or online.

This is what you need

You only need surgical tape, a pair of scissors, and snus portion bags. You can use regular portions or home-maid portions as described above. It’s as simple as putting a patch on an abrasion. But instead of patching the “abrasion” on your gums, you patch the snus portion bag.

3M surgical tape for sensitive skin

3M surgical tape for sensitive skin

This is how you do

Take regular snus portion and lay it flat on a table. Take a piece of surgical tape and put it on one side of the snus pouch. Repeat this step with the second piece of surgical tape and place it over the first piece with a bit of overlap so it covers the whole side of the bag. Now you have a primitive, protecting layer on your snus-portion.

If you fill your portions

If you apply the tape before you fill them with snus, the tape will probably stick better to the initial flat and dry portion bag. When the portion is filled with snus, it’s more uneven in shape. You can heat seal the portion the same way as described above even after the tape is applied.

This is how you use it

To use it, you just place the snus portion under your lip with the protective, taped, layer towards your gums. Apart from this step, you use the snus portion the same was as a regular portion, but without the stinging sensation in the gums.

My conclusion on Filt and empty snus portions

Prillan and XTool empty snus portions are similar in size and paper quality. The price per portion is also similar but from Prillan you get 400 regular portions, but only 120 from XTool portions.

I may be wrong, but the Filt snus paper appears to me to be a bit less permeable than Prillan and XTool. It is also a bit bulkier when you fold or twist the portion. But with some practice, you probably get used to a favorite fold or twist. But I prefer loose snus, so I really can’t tell which is best. But Filt would be perfect if it was possible to heat seal the paper, but I did not manage to do that with the paper.

Filt Snus Paper - Hompage Prillan & Xtool empty snus portion bags - Snusfabriken Emerio Curling Iron - Tobakskemi Surgical Tape - Amazon Curling Iron - Amazon

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Take it easy and snus on.


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