Camel snus

Camel snus is a spit-less and smokeless snus tobacco product. The American snus variant is sweeter and less salty than the original Swedish snus.

American snus and dip

American snus has been available since the since the 1990s. It is lower in moist content and also have lower PH than the real Swedish variant but not as dry as snuff.

The lower PH leading to less bio-availability of the nicotine. The Camel snus has also an artificial sweetener added. This is something you won’t find in Swedish snus.

With dipping tobacco you have to spit all the time, hence the name spit tobacco. It is not as finely ground as snus tobacco. Traditional flavors are wintergreen and mint but other flavors are available.

Unlike snus, dipping tobacco is placed under the lower lip but snus you put under your upper lip.

Camel snus is manufactured by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. You can buy it in any of five flavors:

  • Robust – sweet tobacco
  • Winterchill – wintergreen
  • Frost – mint
  • Spice – cinnamon
  • Original mellow – taste of molasses and tobacco

The content in the Camel snus pouches is one gram, the same as in Swedish snus. You get 15 pouches per tin in contrast to Swedish General snus which have 24 portions.

Camel Snus Winterchill tin

Camel Snus Winterchill tin

Camel snus ingredient

RJ Reynolds have made the ingredients public in their smokeless products here.

In any of the Camel snus variants you will find the following:

Tobacco – The type and blend determine the flavor
Water – H2O
Sodium Carbonate – washing soda
Bicarbonate – ordinary baking soda
Pouch Material – undefined
Propylene Glycol – E1520 Moist preservative and helps the snus hold together
Natural & Artificial Flavors – undefined
Sucralose – An artificial sweetener
Sodium Chloride – Common salt

Do you know what is under your lip?

If you want to have more control of what you put under your lip, maybe you should consider learning how to make real Swedish snus. You will learn what ingredients you need and what you can leave out.

You can learn how by reading this post. A bonus is that you will save a lot of money if you learn how to make your own snus.

What is your favorite Camel snus? Or maybe you prefer the real deal,
Swedish snus? Pouches or loose? Or do you already make your own? Or do you have any other question on how to snus? Leave a comment and let me know.

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