Swedish Match got Green light for snus in USA

Tue, Nov 17, 2015

SM got Green light from FDA

Now it’s free for Swedish Match to promote Swedish snus in USA as a healthier tobacco product than cigarettes. The company now can sell eight types of portion snus in the country.

General White portions

Eight types of portions

Swedish Match has received a green light from the American Regulatory Authority, FDA, Food and Drug Administration, to sell eight different types of portion packaged snus in the United States.

This is something Swedish Match has tried to convince FDA for a long time, that snus is a less hazardous tobacco product than cigarettes. The company wants to sell snus in the US as a healthier alternative to cigarettes. The FDA now considers that Swedish snus is likely to be a less toxic, but only if the user only uses snus and nothing else.

No tobacco product is safe

The Vice president of Swedish Match said in a written comment that the announcement by the FDA does not give the snus brand General a so-called modified risk status. The announcement is an approval for the commercialization of new products under a separate and parallel process.

The company is still awaiting a decision from the FDA on the application for modified risk status, which was originally expected in September.

Not “Approved by FDA”

Swedish Match want to market the product with the label “No tobacco product is safe, but this product has a considerably lower health risk than cigarettes”. But using this label and “Approved by FDA” is something the company can’t do right now. The label “Approved by FDA” require a separate permission.

It’s already possible to buy snus in the US, but the FDA decision means that the authority has conducted a review of the health risk for Swedish snus. Swedish Match cannot claim that FDA has approved the product and the product must have the same warning labels as other smoke free tobacco products.

FDA – Probably less toxic

This is something that FDA don’t say, but in the decision they say that the product has a low probability to introduce tobacco to new users, or difficult for users to quit or relapse. This relies, however, on that the product is promoted as said in the request to FDA.

Swedish Snus can already be bought in the US, but the difference with this decision is that FDA, according to a press release, made a “rigorous and scientific based” review of the risk associated with the product Swedish snus.


Make your own snus

If you can’t buy Swedish snus where you live, you can always learn how to make you own Swedish snus at home.

What is your experience of Swedish snus? Have you tried any of Swedish Match snus products or do you make your own snus at home? Leave a comment and let me know.

Image: Wikimedia

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