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Sun, Apr 12, 2015

Time to replanting the tobacco plants

Five week old Virginia tobacco

After a rather slow start the growth is picking up speed and its time to replanting the tobacco plants. After five weeks (middle of April) it’s getting crowded in the seed tray. To allow for more room for each plant it’s now time to separate them into their own pot.

This is what you need

  • Compost soil
  • Plastic seed pots
  • Tomato nutrient

Two weeks into the process

Two weeks into the process I could see some tiny leaves begin to develop. As my experience in growing things was limited to edible sprout that almost developed over night, I thought it would go a bit quicker. But now with the sun returning the growth has really picked up speed.

Two week old virginia tobacco

Watch on YouTube - Replanting the tobacco plants

The soil

  • As the soil often comes compressed to save space make sure that you loosen and work out any lumps before you fill the pots with the soil. To avoid the soil falling through the holes in the bottom of the pot you can put some paper on the bottom of the pot. Small stones or other objects work as well.
  • Fill the pots with the loose soil and compress it lightly. You don’t have to fill to the rim.
  • Make a little hole in the soil with a pen or a stick or some other round object. The hole is for the root of the plant.

A pot of Virgina tobacco

Dig out the plant

  • Now you can carefully start to dig out the plant from the seed tray. But be careful, the roots and the plant itself is very delicate at this stage in the process.
  • Place the root of the plant in the hole and compress the soil around it lightly to give the plant some support. But my Virginia tobacco plants was very floppy and almost lay flat on the soil. It was yesterday I replanted them, and today they begin to erect again. I hope they continue to grow as they did in the seed tray.
  • After you have separated and replanted all the plants it’s time to water the plants. It’s recommended to use tomato nutriments in the water as growing tobacco is similar to growing tomatoes.

85 pots of Virginia tobacco

In a sunny window

  • With the seed tray it was easy to move the plants to the window with the most sunlight. But now all my sunny window-sills are full of pots with Virginia tobacco and Chili plants. But make sure that they stand in the light if they don’t stand in direct sunlight.


  • I started with ca 100 seeds of Virginia tobacco and of that I got 85 pots and some left in the original seed tray. I have read that the yield is about 100 to 200 gram dry tobacco per plant. So If I get 100 gram per plant I get 8.5 kilo dry tobacco leaves. That’s enough to last me over four years. But for a start I’m happy if I get enough for a normal batch of Swedish snus.

Click the link for the post on planting the seeds: Planting the tobacco seeds.

If you have any tips on growing tobacco, replanting the tobacco plant or something else I would appreciate it if you let me know by leaving a comment.

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