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Sat, Feb 14, 2015

Nicotine withdrawal symptoms in Skövde?

According to a proposal snus use can also be prohibited during working hours for municipal employees in Skövde, Sweden. This adding to the prohibition on smoking making it a total tobacco ban.

General snus portions

Smoking regulations

When the smoking regulations for municipal employees in Skövde is to be tighter, also those who use snus will be trapped. Besides the smoking ban, the municipality wants to introduce a ban on snus for the municipal employers. It was in the context of the smoking ban the question of a total tobacco ban rose.

Health perspective

– We look at tobacco use from a public health perspective, says Leif Walterum. The hospital in Skaraborg recently announced that the entire hospital campus is to be smoke free.

Anti tobacco rules

The current smoking rules for the municipal workers in Skövde states that no smoking is allowed during working hours or during brake.

– But we can conclude that there is more to do about the non-compliance says Leif Walterum, chairman of the municipal employer committees.

No disciplinary actions

Today the municipal regulations don’t allow for disciplinary actions against smoking. The investigation will show whether this becomes necessary for us, but we want better compliance, says Walterum.

Second hand smoke

The city council member Anders G. Johansson, leader of the Conservatives in Skövde, says it is unwise to equate smoking with snus. He himself use snus from time to time and don’t understand the purpose of introducing a total tobacco ban in Skövde. If you smoke you expose the environment for second hand smoke, something you don’t do if you use snus.

What is your opinion?

What is your opinion on a total tobacco ban at work? Can you cope with nicotine withdrawal symptoms for a whole day? Leave a comment and let me know.


Image: Wikimedia

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