General Kardus 2016 from Swedish Match launched

Sat, Dec 5, 2015

General Kardus 2016 from Swedish Match launched

General Kardus Fäviken 2016 is the result of the cooperation between Swedish Match and the award-winning star chef Magnus Nilsson from Fäviken Magasinet.

General celebrates it’s 150th anniversary

2016 is the year

2016 is the year when Scandinavia’s largest snus brand, General, celebrates it’s 150th anniversary. 150 years later General Kardus Fäviken 2016 is the food creator Magnus Nilsson’s interpretation of General snus, originally created by the perfectionist Johan A Boman in 1866.

Magnus Nilsson

Magnus Nilsson is an award winning chef from Fäviken Magasinet that is ranked the world’s 25th best restaurant. He has also been awarded the “Global Gastronomy Award” by the reputable White Guide.

Swedish Match

Swedish Match has manufactured snus in almost 200 years and many of our best known snus-brands. Two experts from two different niches cooperating with the common goal to produce the best snus in the world.

To receive requests

To receive requests for various form of cooperation are commonplace when you reach a certain level in this industry, but this one really caught my interest. It has been interesting to learn about the knowledge and the craft that Swedish Match has developed over the years in the process of creating Swedish Snus.

In particular to discuss the selection of tobacco and ingredients and how to best prepare them with Swedish Match master blender Lars Öberg. Together we have developed a Swedish snus for the real connoisseur, says Magnus Nilsson.

Magnus Nilsson’s interest

Magnus Nilsson’s interest in the Swedish cultural heritage lead him in 2009 to Swedish snus, he then started to consider offering snus along with the coffee in Fäviken Magasinet. What started as an exiting idea soon developed to a serious project.

Magnus started reading texts on snus-making and the cultural importance snus have had in Sweden and doing that he found Swedish Match’s vintage snus Kardus. Inspired by Kardus Magnus started elaborating with tobacco, texture and taste. He bought tobacco seeds and started to grow his own tobacco in Fäviken. And since 2013 he has offered his own snus at Fäviken Magasinet.

In the development of General Kardus Fäviken

In the development of General Kardus Fäviken we have combined selected parts from General Kardus with Fäviken Magasinet’s snus. In the product many features from the process used at Fäviken have been used, but with the knowledge of the experts at Swedish Match we have been able to refine it further, says Magnus Nilsson.

Carl Egeberg - brand manager for General

Carl Egeberg, the brand manager for General, had the task of making Swedish Match most lavish snus-product, General Kardus, even better as a starting point for General’s 150th anniversary. He says that General Kardus Fäviken is the product that he is most proud of having helped to develop.

General Fäviken is the result

General Kardus Fäviken is the result from the fine balance between Swedish Match expertise on snus manufacturing and Magnus gastronomic knowledge. An example of that is that we have, for the first time, stored the tobacco in oak barrels as a part of the process. This gives the snus a distinct character of oak from the oak barrels that it has been stored in. We have never before used tobacco from so many countries as in this General Kardus.

We that diversity with the local touch from Fäviken, Jämtland Sweden. In each of the 3000 numbered editions of General Kardus Fäviken you will find a little bit of Fäviken, says the General brand manager Carl Egeberg.

General Kardus Fäviken summary

  • General Kardus Fäviken 2016, a cooperation between Swedish Match and the award-winning star chef Magnus Nilsson from Fäviken Magasinet, is launched December 1, 2015.
  • General Kardus Fäviken contains 150 grams (5.3 ounce) of snus and have a recommended price of 995 SEK (about $108 USD) and is produced in a limited edition of 3,000 numbered copies.
  • General Kardus Fäviken contains a special formulated blend of tobacco comprising tobacco grown in Fäviken and carefully selected tobaccos from plantations in Argentina, USA, India and Guatemala.
  • The tobacco is “all lamina”, which means that the stalk and the middle nerve has been removed using only the finest parts of the tobacco leaves. The tobacco is then precision cut to exactly 0.72 millimeter (0.03 inch), what’s called a “single cut”. This gives a cut surface where you see the structure that conveys a more prolonged taste, unlike usual loose snus which is ground.
  • The preparation has been done in oak barrels from the coopery Thorslund Kagge in Högsjö Sweden, which gives the snus distinct character of the oak it is stored on. Along the oak character it has notes of wild berries and herbs.
  • General Kardus Fäviken 2016 is packaged in a handmade tin container where the snus continuing to mature. The optimal flavor is achieved after about eight to twelve weeks but can be enjoyed far beyond that, but with a changed taste characteristic.

Source: Swedish Match press release

Are you like Magnus Nilsson interested in making you own snus? If you are, this page is a good place to start learning to make your own Swedish snus at home.

What is your experience of Swedish Snus? Have you tried General Kardus or do you make you own at home? Leave a comment and let me know.

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