Chili stops the production of Swedish snus

Sun, Mar 1, 2015

Chili stops the production of Swedish snus

Chili stops the production of Swedish snus. The staff at Swedish Match has suffered from nosebleeds and headaches. A chili extract is the cause.

Production of Swedish snus at Swedish Match

According to Johan Wredberg it is a chili extract and not any chemicals that caused the discomfort for the workers. The chili additives are approved by the National Food Authorities. But in strong concentration the chili extract irritates he says. The chili extract has been compared to pepper spray.

The management of Swedish Match together with the local workplace representative of the Food Worker’s Union has temporary stopped the production of the two types of snus affected. The snus concerned is LAB 03 and N&J Red, but the production is estimated to resume shortly.

There has been adjustment in the production on how to handle the chili extracts. Changes to the hygiene equipment used has also been done. Swedish Match is working urgently to resolve the situation.

No worker on Swedish Match should experience discomfort in dealing with the different flavors used in the production of Swedish snus says Mattias Gustafsson, factory manager in Gothenburg.

Facts about Swedish snus

  • In 2011 18 percent of all adult males in Sweden used snus daily.
  • In Norway 12 percent of all adult males.
  • In Denmark 1.5 percent of males use some form of smokeless tobacco regularly.
  • 3 percent of all adult Swedish women use snus daily.
  • In Norway under 2 percent of women use snus daily.
  • In Denmark 0.2 percent of women used some form of smokeless tobacco.
  • Both snus users and smokers have a higher risk of dying from cardiovascular disease than non-tobacco users.

The data comes from

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As you regular visitors to my blog know, you don’t have to buy snus, you can make your own Swedish snus at home. Then you have full control on what’s in the snus. You get a fun hobby as well as it saves you a lot of money.

What is your opinion on snus flavors? Leave a comment and let me know.


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